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What Basic Documents Do I Need To Do My Taxes?

Man filling out printed tax documents

If you have several avenues of income or lots of opportunities for deductions, gathering the right tax forms and documents can seem overwhelming. Here are the basics to help guide […]

Tips for Paying Yourself as a Business Owner

Business owner sitting at a table using a laptop

Running a business can quickly get in the way of paying yourself appropriately. Here’s how different business structures handle payments to owners, plus tips for including yourself while managing the […]

How Business Partnerships are Taxed

Two hands shaking with paperwork on the desk

Working with a partner brings its own particular set of tax rules. Entrepreneurs should be aware of them to avoid penalties and risks. A partnership is a particular type of […]

Commonly Missed Tax Deductions

Elderly man looking over a printed out tax document

Many business taxpayers fail to deduct otherwise eligible business expenses or fail to fully deduct qualifying business expenses. As a result, millions of dollars are overpaid to the Internal Revenue […]

A Basic Tax Guide for Nonprofit Organizations

Female volunteer holding a box with other volunteers in the background

Nonprofits, while tax-exempt, still have to file all the proper information with the IRS to clearly highlight their finances and programs. It’s well-known that many nonprofit organizations are exempt from paying […]